Tuesday, October 4, 2016

There is a bane to every boon

My ability to walk away from something that mattered much to me has been so innate that I have started to wonder if it’s a boon or a bane. To see and not feel anything anymore…. That’s the pinnacle of detachment!

I have always been able to climb there too soon and walk down the other side. But, the trigger to this has always been externalTo turn back and walk away has always been my last resort. An Aftermath of infinite trials that emerge from the bottom of my heart.

Every coin has another side. The refusal to see the other side doesn't justify the deep attachment towards anything. Acceptance of this and acceptance that there is a flip side makes life a lot easier. Every boon comes with its bane. That's how life is. Choose the boon, relish in it but the bane will strike you….one or the other day!

I feel a multitude of feelings simultaneously. And it’s so deep, that it troubles my existence…may be that’s why I can pen it down and when I do… it takes a page.

The bane of a boon.


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