Saturday, October 22, 2011


The true meaning of things does not lie in them, it lies in our attitude towards them -CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PRETEEN SOUL

Procrastination is also an attitude, Change it.

Are you one of those who keep putting off doing things till the last minute??Why don’t you give it a shot and finish a given task way before the deadline. Not only will u feel relieved and happy, but also proud of your work.

Many believe that the panic caused by a time bound assignment is a fuel for performance. But hurry and worry are not good for the heart. Here, I have shared 5 tips to keep your heart safe and sound when it tackles a deadline.

Deadline: Get it done by then or drop dead. Life has become a tale of deadlines. It can be anything- an exam, an assignment, a seminar, a family function that you need to help coordinate, a function that you need to shop for (girls especially).

The sad part is that procrastination hinders you from delivering your best. Finally you manage to do something that is “Not you”. When this keeps on happening you tend to lose your confidence and creativity. At the same time, when you do something that you are proud of it becomes a big boost to your self confidence.
Why do we procrastinate? There are many reasons( Ofcourse , We keep on inventing new ones when we get a deadline).But here are 5 ways to handle them.

1.Lack of core skills.

You do not have the skill to meet a task. This is a serious issue..When we feel that we cannot meet the task we tend to avoid it. It becomes a burden and life becomes harder as the days go by. But hey, anyhow you have to do it. So make it fun. Learning is the option.It has always been the best one. Get the help of someone who knows about the work. DO NOT GIVE UP.
But there are instances , where procrastination encourages you to falsely believe that you do not possess that skill. Change that attitude.

2. Split it up

My favourite option, it has worked well for me and life has become way simpler .
The hugeness of a task might make it fearful. So break it up!! Split it into sections and consider each section as a task and set time limits for it. Make sure you finish the sections properly.

3. Proper use of technology

The most sought after option. Get help from newpapers,articles,Internet. There is a tendency to copy paste the pages from internet. But friends, if you want to develop a signature style which will help you always, get information and develop your own ideas.

4. Get organised.

If you know how to manage yourself then you can manage things and even people around you.It would do you only good if you can get organised. Use your calendar to note down the deadlines and leave ample space for delays. STICK TO IT.
If your system of organising things are difficult and if it stresses you out then the whole purpose is defeated. Keep it simple!

5. Become creative.

Everyone of us have prized possessions that we cherish of. Something that makes us different and happy. Implement that on your task. If you are good at drawing,convey ideas with pictures,If you are good at presenting, be confident and present your ideas to the world.

Imagination is better than information – Albert Einstein.

There is no short cut to success. Hard work and god’s grace brings you success.
But hey! systematic,regular and sincere work might just make the “hard”work easier ;)


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