Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Claim My Life!

I belong to the green fields, amidst which the clear rill runs and over which the proud mountain stands. Iam a little lamb !

As sun rises we are brought to the fields.I love the dawns, the gentle touch of the soft breeze and the bright rays that fill me with energy. I spent my days in the field running around here and there. I don;t have anyone to play with. But my mom and her friends are fond of me and I play tricks on them,like hiding behind that small rock.

And If I climb on top of it I can see the rill and the mountain. I have always wanted to go there. One day,when I become big and strong like my mother,I will. I have one dear wish..I have seen a long snake crawling on the sides of the mountain ,my mother and her friends say that it is a train.They say it takes you to different places. I wish I could get in the train and see many more fields and mountains.

Yesterday as I was playing around I heard some new voices ,I knew it was not the voice of the man who brings us. It was a cheerful noise. I turned around and found two people smaller than the man I knew. They ran around just like me and chattered about what they saw and have seen. I ran to them and stopped a few feet away,I knew they had just seen me. I did not know what happened ,but suddenly I was swept off my feet and I felt the small pink round hands of the little girl around me and it was really nice.

I felt that they liked me. They fondled me and let me play with them. I enjoyed the day and I felt really sad when they left. I jumped around them hoping that they would come the next day.

Night fell,I was so excited and I told mom about the fun I had. Chattering,I didn;t know when I went to sleep.

When I woke up it was still dark. I didn;t know where I was, I felt dizzy and I knew I wasn;t on any stable grounds. It was very hot and it took a moment or two for me to realize that I wasn;t at my home, near my mother. I was crushed into a small area and there were other little lambs near me . It was the first time I saw one . They were all still..some fidgeting ,some gasping and whispering ..we were all uncomfortable. My eyes frantically searched for my mother. Terror creeped through me when I found that I was all alone in the crowd.

It was dawn but a different one ,the hard wind sent chill to my veins and I was scared. They tied all of us together.I wanted to cry and scream but no voice came out of my mouth. I froze as a huge shape loomed from the darkness and there was something in his hands which I had never seen before. I was pushed forward until I was last but one. I saw the thing in his hand now, dipped in blood and only the edge glittered menaciously. Realisation crawled like the slow deadly snake in me ..I struggled in vain. I heard a scream deep inside me ..a scream for life ,To live.

Don;t I deserve to live? They say you die later...after years of happy life..But I never knew anything nor been anywhere!!!!!
I want to see the world, live my life happily... WHY ME ...?!

But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light.... Please stop this ..Stop being the living graves of murdered companions on earth ..slaughtered to satisfy our appetites!

All beings seek for happiness; so let your compassion extend itself to all...

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