Monday, December 14, 2009

Lets Remember them on this Christmas..!

Its christmas,the synonym for Happiness and Hope.But have u ever thought what christmas is to them who are deprived of both? for instance ...

Our class planned a christmas celebration. We had everything neatly and nicely planned in a bit of paper.It was estimated that each must contribute an amount of RS 25 to meet the expenses. Not over! The seniors in the bus " demanded" our co-operation and we had to give them Rs 35 as well. Again not over ,what about the cards and presents for our dear friends. How much money we spent on this christmas!

This picture gave a jolt to all the feelings in me and my mind stopped thinking for sometime.The picture became blurry as tears filled my eyes.But it got clearly imprinted on my mind and a surge of guilt came... They are children, much younger than us, and what does christmas mean to them..? What is celebration to them...? Perhaps merriment to them is one full meal atleast a
day and the biggest hope for them is a sound sleep without a hungry stomach..

Millions of children across our country are starving their lives out. The christmas lights are too faint to penetrate through their fogged and dead lives. Don;t they deserve christmas as much as we do? Yes ..because christmas is not just the privilege of the wealthy.

Lets remember them on this christmas. We spend alot of money in buying gifts, cakes and even decorations stuff that we throw away later. Be it a small amount,be it anythin that u can spare.. remember that there are people who are reaching out their hands for a little hope and happiness, this christmas.

Do what u can ,with what u have and where u r ...! Ur small will and help will make a lot of difference in their lives !..

SAVE AND SERVE. Before you spend money on little,unneccessary things this christmas,think! .. Think whether u really need this ! If not save that money and help the poor. Atleast on the eve of christmas lets follow what jesus christ preached us.. " Love is in giving, .. Love rooted in sacrifice is the true meaning of charity".

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