Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Christmas Friend!

Yesterday my classmates decided to pick a christmas friend from our class . So they pinned down everyone to small chits and put them in a little pink colour pencil box(yes..a pencil box,seriously!) and it was passed on to each row,to each bench. Like always, I was busy with some work which I had to do days or even weeks before when I saw the pink box coming to me , I didn;t want to take any chit cos the whole idea seemed weird to me ... a christmas friend ??...what is that supposed to mean..?I have already got friends...

For being the miser that sadly I am, I thought why should I get something for someone who says just a "hi" or randomly ask u " did u do the home work"?. To reveal a secret i even persuaded the class rep not to have this childish thing for christmas...(i mean ..god we are doing btech ...we are engineers...!!!) She told me ..."Well u could get a new friend..."! duh! ...hmmmm...maybe...oh well..maybe not...

With all this in my mind and the pending workload in my head I grabbed a chit. At that time all I was thinking was how to convince my friend to come and sit with me in the last bench cos I was feeling too sleepy. I saw that some of my classmates were thinking so hard and bad before deciding which chit to pick as if they had to decide the fate of the one whose name they choose. But I didn;t wait for anything,without a second thought I picked one which seemed inclined to me in a way. I took it and opened it with an empty feeling (... oh yea... may be i will buy this person a candyman toffee or something...)

But as each letters started showing in a beautiful manner, I was so surprised to see that it was the name of someone who was actually special to me. Someone with whom I made friendship sometime ago,with whom I fought and was feeling really sad.I realised that I was smiling broad ..and was glad that I got a chance to rectify my mistake.... and I,today ,have that work still pending cos I got busy thinking what to get for my christmas friend....!

I am glad it is christmas,a time for happiness and joy( really hard to accept it in tht way cos i have too many assignments and work), but still, like the grinch wondered...".so maybe christmas is something that doesn;t come from a store...maybe it means more..."

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  1. I got a new year friend..xmas friend idea won't work cos it will be vacation time at college nah..